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Response to WSJ Writes: Housing, its becoming a seller’s market

Months? I live in Miami and it has been a Seller’s market for more than a year. The real turning point here occurred in mid-2011 as the supply of attractive assets at distressed prices dried up. I still have “Buyers” approaching me asking for 30 and 50 cent on the dollar deals for waterfront, east of US1 property.

Instead I have been focusing on another area since the distressed market has become so saturated and competitive. For quite some time now I have been looking for Institutional Buyers; I have a wealth of Class A 5-7% CAP Rate properties, where I AM DIRECT to the Seller, from 20-560 Million USD. Please contact me if you are such a person; and I do NOT work with Broker Chains. Please be a Qualified Buyer or Direct to a Qualified Buyer.

I also broker for a large company that both produces & acquires huge quantities of physical commodities. If you are a Qualified Buyer/Trader OR a mine/plantation owner/operator/supplier, or are a Broker who is direct to a supplier of Iron Ore, Oil, Sugar, Copper, Gold, or Silver, please contact me.

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